I am passionate about education!

I love learning and providing the best possible education for the students I teach. Many, many years ago I wanted to transfer all the knowledge in my head on to a website and create resources for teachers and parents. This as you can imagine is all consuming and my brain 24/7 thought of ‘abcJenny’ and ideas to share with others.

I began a new paid site, had resources made was enthusiastic to the point of bursting – the ideas I had.
Then, I stopped and breathed and thought ‘hang on’ I have an amazing hubby, great kids and time is flying past without the chance of being in the moment with them.

So, I stopped my official ‘abcJenny’ role, reverted back to my non-paid site (this one) unfortunately lost all the work I had done on the other site BUT I realised I loved living life with my boys and hubby.

I am content!

If you are new and have just found this site, feel free to visit my Facebook page ‘abcJenny’ I am always happy to answer any questions relating to education from parents. I hate when students find learning difficult and if I can do anything to help make learning easier then I will.

Jen Graham

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Oba William King says:

    Hello Jenny, I’m Oba – I am grateful for your work on Firefly and little Star. I love your creativity and intellect. I look forward to many many days of conversation and communication via web and email. Just a note to share my heart felt appreciation..

    • Jenny Graham says:

      Thank you Oba, I enjoy creating activities for someone who has the same passion as I do, helping young children fall in love with books and reading. Good luck with all your future endeavours.

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