53 fun ways for kids to practise writing letters or words.

charlie writing

Some children can be shown a letter, or word and will happily practise with pen and paper. Other children need variety, repetition and fun to perfect drawing the circle, writing the letter/word.

Whether your child is at the stage of drawing circles and lines, single letters, own name, golden words or spelling words here are 51 fun ways for your child to practise writing them.

Let me know if you have any others to add.

  1. Write in the sand at the beach
  2. Squirt water from a hose onto concrete
  3. Squirt sauce from a sauce bottle onto bread
  4. Place dots on the page for your child to trace over
  5. Write in mist from the shower screen
  6. With your finger pretend to write in the air
  7. Write letters/words with shaving foam or whipped cream
  8. Finger paint
  9. Write with invisible ink (mix lemon juice and water in a bowl and use a cotton bud to write on white paper)
  10. Use cooked spaghetti to make the shapes of letters or make words
  11. Write with chalk on the footpath (driveway)

t12. Pour pancake mixture into a frying pan in the shape of a letter

13. Write the letter/name/word with glue then sprinkle with glitter or sand

14 Write with whiteboard marker on a whiteboard

15 Write with chalk on a chalkboard

16 Write in the mist on a car window

17 Copy over letters/words drawn by an adult

18 Use an iPad app

19 Pour glitter in a tray and write letters/words in the glitter

20 Use chocolate sauce/magic chocolate on top of ice-cream

cropped-cropped-playdough-3.jpg21 Make letters or words with playdough

22. Paint letters/words on paper

23 Using your finger pretend to write letters/words on your belly/palm on someone else’s back

24 Write with icing on top of cupcakes or biscuits

25 Write letters/words using a mouse and a computer drawing program

26 Use twigs/leaves/sticks in a park

27 Use face paint to write letters/words on faces

28 Write letters/words in a tray filled with rice/flour/salt/glitter or a mixture of flour and glitter

29 Use pen and paper

30 Fill a water bottle with cordial and squirt into snow to write letters/words

31 Use an app on your smartphone

32 Find seaweed/shells on the beach to make big letters/words

board33 Write in the mud with a stick

34 Write letters on a Fisher Price or Crayola Magic Doodle

35 Laminate letters/words for your child to write over with a whiteboard marker

36 With a group of children make the shape of letters with their bodies

37 Use pipe cleaners to make letters/words

38 Use chalk on black card to write letters/words

39 Use beads, shells, pebbles to paste onto a sheet in the shape of a letter

40 Hold a few different coloured crayons and write rainbow letters/words

salt41 Put shaving foam on foil and draw letters/words with your finger

42 Make a book writing a letter/word on each page

43 Use paint, chalk, texta to write on flat small stones

44 Sprinkle hundreds and thousands on top of ice cream in the shape of a letter

45 On toast write letters/words with jam or vegemite

46 Find dust on tables/book shelf and write letters/words in the dust

47 Spray paint (not really sure where you would spray paint but it is an option if you have somewhere suitable)

48 Cover white paper with coloured crayon, use black paint over the top. When the paint is dry scratch letters/words with fingernail (sharp object). The letters will come out coloured.

49 Put lots of soap on your arm and write letters in the suds.

50 Use small stickers to join together to make letters/words

51 Make letters/words out of lolly snakes or smarties

52 Use clay to form letters/words

53 Finger-paint letters or words

vegemite waswas park

54. Put water in a small bucket, attach a paint brush to the bucket. Let children paint with water letters/words on a fence, concrete or bricks.
55. If you have a velour couch or plush carpet children can use their fingers to write letters or words on it.