Displaying children’s writing.

frame 4

How many of you proudly display your child’s sporting achievements, hang up their art work, write posts on social media of their latest funny saying or even a post a photo of them being a mess while eating?

Now is the chance to be proud of how in a few short years they have gone from trying to eat a pencil to scribbling to writing.

An extremely simple way to acknowledge your child’s writing is to frame it.

frame 3All you need is:

coloured paper

piece of your child’s writing



                                                                                        blu tack

Choose a coloured piece of paper to frame your child’s piece of writing, cut the piece of writing to size, glue the writing on to the coloured card, add blu tack to the back of the frame and display.

frame 6


Learning to write is a hard task and each stage should be celebrated. They move on too quickly, soon they will be spelling words correctly ‘luve’ and forming all letters correctly ‘dab’ . It is great to have a memory of this early stage.

With digital media now, taking photos is also a great way to save your child’s artwork and writing, when the walls fill up.

frame 5Another display idea is for your child to write a description of a recent painting, then the writing and the artwork can hang together.

Enjoy this stage and every stage of your child’s writing.