A sight word magician


Learning sight words or any words are hard for children. Either they have worked out the magic of sounding out words and they then stumble on a word like ‘was’ or they see the word circus and wonder why it doesn’t start with a /k/ sound.

Have some fun with your kids, make learning something they enjoy and ask you to do over and over again.

Here are 5 magical quick games that will help your child learn sight words and are fun.

* These activities can be used with letters, numbers, spelling words, even scientific equations for University if your child is of that age.

magic 6A simple one which can be used with a pirate’s treasure chest, a secret box or magical magician’s memory minder. Hide a Golden Words, sight word, letters etc in the box. You may like to list the words on the outside to help your child remember what words to think of. Ask your child to guess what the word may be. When they open the box, they read the word to see if it matches with the word they guessed. Children can write their guess on a white board or piece of paper for added writing practise.

magic 4Guess what word is under each card. Three cups, three words, three guesses. Tell your child the three words you have placed under each cup and they have to try to guess where each word is. It is all about reading the word once they have guessed to see if they are correct.

magic 2

Have your child read a word and place it under a party hat. Move the hats around with lots of arm movements and magical words. Ask your child to pick which hat they think the word is under.

magic 5

Simple matching game, place the words face down and ask your child to ‘magically’ find two pairs.

magic 7

You can vary the games to suit your child’s learning needs. If you want your child to focus on sounding out, show part of a word for them to guess the rest of the word. Or place two words with the same beginning sound and ask them to guess the final word hidden, for example in, it and is (which are 3 of their Golden Words)

Enjoy, have fun, make it simple and help your child learn.
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