Digby’s Moon Mission by Renee Price

An educational review of

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Digby’s Moon Mission

(Author Renee Price/ Illustrator Anil Tortop)

After teaching for over fifteen years it is hard to pick up a Picture Book to read to my own children without looking for the Educational Activities the book inspires. This is what happened when I read the delightful Picture Book written by Renee Price called Digby’s Moon Mission.

The main theme I believe in Digby’s Moon Mission is teamwork. Digby relied on his team of friends to help him with his Moon Mission. It was lovely to see the Author’s note at the end which listed the people that helped her own mission to self-publish, Digby’s Moon Mission. I read this section aloud to my children to point out that Digby used teamwork and the author also used teamwork to help publish this book.

A part of teamwork is helping others in need. Digby saw a need to help the moon. It is always great to talk about how it feels when we help others. And once again referring back to the people who helped the author publish this book and how they would feel good about helping her.

Curriculum areas, Health, Science, Maths and Language are covered in Digby’s Moon Mission. How detailed you cover these themes would be dependent on your child’s level of understanding of the concepts and their literacy (reading/writing) skills.

Health – Nutrition

A section of the book is about food. Coming from a mum of two boys, one a fussy eater the other who eats anything and everything, it is always good to look at the types of food used in books. Depending on your child’s level of understanding you could discuss the types of food written in the book and where they are on the Food Pyramid. Or use the terminology you may use at home, everyday food and sometimes food.

food pyrmaid

Science – Space

This is often where google is my friend. I have a very inquisitive son who loves science. Reading this book he wanted to know more about the Moon. There are some great You Tube clips and Websites which cater for all levels of understanding on the Phases of the Moon. Here is a link to one of the many on this topic.


Maths – measurement, time

A great way to help children remember the order of the days of the week is by reading Digby’s Moon Mission and ask them to say what day is next. (I especially liked how children could remember Thursday in Digby’s Moon Mission)

The use of measurement is very cute. I laughed at the words used. It was great that it was not an accurate measuring device used as it leads to great discussion on how we measure and what we could use to measure a variety of objects.


Now we come to my favourite part of books, the reading and writing opportunities they present.

From writing to the author or illustrator to writing to Digby himself there are so many opportunities. I have created 7 educational literacy activities based on Digby’s Moon Mission. These activities are able to be downloaded free.

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To download your own free copy of Digby’s Educational Literacy Activities click on the link below.

Word Document

Digby activities

PDF Format

Digby activities

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Review and Educational Activities by Jenny Graham (AbcJenny)


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