My first interview

astro 2The lovely Susan Day, has published my first interview on her website.
Although to be technically correct, Susan did not ask the questions, the questions came from a dog named Astro.  Astro is the main character in Susan Day’s published series ‘Astro’s Adventures’.

Susan and I connected through a Facebook group when we realised we both had the same passion, to help and encourage children to read and write.

Click on the link below to read my interview and have a look at some of the other great interviews Astro has done. Such a clever dog. Although as you will see in the interview my son Tommy’s, stuffed dog, Nip is quite clever also.

Make sure you have a good look around Susan’s website there are book reviews, blogs, author interviews, children’s reading and writing activities, plus a lot more.

You can connect with Susan if you would like to be interviewed by Astro , have written a  book you would like to be reviewed, purchase her books, or if you just want to say hi. Susan is on twitter and Facebook at the following links.

If you would like to contact me regarding the activities I create for children’s reading and writing development you can find me on Facebook or email me at