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You are at home with your child and are assessing their reading and spelling skills:

    tickYour child can correctly name each letter of the alphabet and the most common sound  it makes, for example, the letter is a, the sound it makes is /a/ for apple , the letter is b and the sound it makes is /b/ for ball.


Your child can use their knowledge of letters and sounds to read and write two and three letter words by using the sounding out method. For example, /m/ /a/ /t/ spells mat.

tickYour child can read and spell blends, such as tr, bl, fr, and understands digraphs /th/, /sh/ and /ch/ 

Now if only that was it for the English language and there wasn’t the fact that we have 26 letters which make 44 different phonemes (speech sounds).

Your child may ,whether in their reading or writing, begin to realise that the English language is a hard language to read and write. What was once a simple process of reading the most common sound for each letter has suddenly become hard.

The /k/ sound can be made by c in car, k in kite, qu in quiche or ch in Christmas.

And when we get to the vowels, confusing for not only children but adults to. Let’s look at all the ways the letter a is used in the English language.

/a/ mat

/ᾱ/ rail  lady gauge make break hay

/ē/ seat

/ῑ / aisle

/ō/ coat beau

/y/ /ü/ beauty

/∂/ dollar

/ã/ fair square pear prayer

/ä/ far path laugh heart

/û/ pearl

/ô/ paw call taught war sauce

11 sounds the letter a can make depending on letter combinations. Don’t you love our English language?

As you know each child has their own learning style, using an iPad app, is one method which can be integrated into their daily Home Schooling program which is quick, useful and educational.

Oz Phonics 4 is one teaching tool that can be used to help your child understand the English language and the harder phonemes. It focuses on long vowel spellings and R-Controlled Vowels. The app uses demonstration, missing letter exercise, word finder and reading practice to help your child develop their skills.

The talented Oz Phonics 4 app developers have produced an array of useful activities, using the Australian accent all for $3.79.

A quick update of their previous apps if you are not aware of them

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Oz Phonics 1 – Phonemic Awareness & Letter Sounds

Oz Phonics 2 – CVC, CCVC words, Consonant Blends, Sentences

Oz Phonics 3 – Consonant Blends, CVCC Words, Digraphs, Spelling

Oz Phonics 4 and all other Oz Phonics apps can be purchased through iTunes, following the link below.


Enjoy all your learning experiences with your child and feel free to ask me any questions relating to your child’s Primary School education.

Teachers – your Oz Phonics reviews will be coming soon.