Australian Curriculum Lessons

I stumbled across an amazing site through their Facebook Page called Australian Curriculum Lessons.

It is a page that has great lessons for school children ranging from Transition to Year 12. As a parent they are clearly explained for you to use at home or if you are a teacher they are  linked to the National Curriculum Frameworks (basically all the hard work is done for you).
I recently published a lesson about using Lego to help with your child’s sounding out when writing words.

lego 3

An amazing 11908 children have been registered as being home-schooled in Australia

This page would be ideal for parents of home schoolers as all factors of the lessons are catered for, the assessment, the tools needed, prior knowledge, step by step instructions. I can not emphasise enough how great a resource this is.

I will update this blog when a new lesson I have created is published.

Thanks to all those involved in providing the site and continually posting new lessons for anyone to use.