About Me

“I can’t read.”

“I’m stupid!”

“I hate books.”

The above three statements I would hear from reluctant readers and students who were not given the chance to grasp the basics of reading and writing.

I am passionate about giving kids the chance for success, confidence to learn and an enjoyment in reading and writing.

I have taught for nearly 20 years in a variety of settings, Indigenous Remote Communities, mining towns, special school setting, and mainstream schools. The last 5 years I worked as a Literacy Support teacher, working with individual students or withdrawing small groups of children who for a variety of reasons had missed the opportunity to learn the basics.

I break down the skill of reading and writing into small achievable goals which create success and confidence, while providing interesting activities which promotes enjoyment.

Staying at home with my children while they were young, I had a break from teaching but I was still passionate about helping children learn the hard skill of reading and writing. I decided to create abcJenny.

On abcJenny you will find:

– knowledge to help understand the reading and writing process from birth onwards

– activities to help develop your child or students literacy skills

-Educational Reviews and activities based on books from Picture Books to Young Adult.

Please note, this website is still a work in progress, with the information in my head slowly making it into blogs.

I hope you enjoy my website and your child or student benefits.

Thank you, Jenny



Contact abcJennyG@hotmailcom


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