Kids, breakfast, sleep and E.R. Braithwaite

“A child who has slept all night in a stuffy, overcrowded room,

and then breakfasts on a cup of weak tea and a piece of bread,

can hardly be expected to show a sharp, sustained interest in the

abstractions of arithmetic, and the unrelated niceties of correct spelling.”

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Yes, I have been reading To Sir, With Love by E.R. Braithwaite. And loving it.

As a teacher I am passionate about education, and am amazed at how many children are yawning telling me of the movie they were watching last night or children who come to school hungry, not having had breakfast.

As soon as I read the quote I knew I wanted to write a blog about it. I went to two great sources for current Australian information, Life Education and Raising Children Network. Here’s what they have to say.


(Image from Life Education)


“Breakfast increases your child’s concentration levels and improves their ability to learn. “

The article written by Rachel Brooks from Life Education, provides great ideas for breakfast for children and  shares the following facts:

It is really important that we, as parents and teachers, encourage our children to eat a healthy nutritious breakfast every day, Here are some reasons why:

• Breakfast Increases your child’s concentration levels and improves their ability to learn
• Helps them to maintain a healthy weight and decrease the likelihood of obesity
• Strengthens heart, bones, muscles and joints, which will help reduce serious childhood health problems
• Brightens their mood by providing them with energy which helps build positive self-image
• And helps to develop positive breakfast habits that they will take into adulthood.

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“A good night’s sleep is important for her growth and development.”

The Raising Children Network have written a great article with many helpful tips to give your child the best sleep possible. Here is a few:

When your child sleeps well, he’s more settled, happy and ready for school the next day. Getting enough sleep strengthens his immune system and could reduce the risk of infection and illness.

Raising Children Network provide a great table as a guide for children aged 6-9.

Time Routine
6.30 pm Put on pyjamas, brush teeth, go to the toilet.
7 pm Quiet time in the bedroom with a book and a bedtime story or quiet chat.
7.15 pm Goodnight and lights out.

Give your kids the best start to their day educationally, by allowing them to have a great  night’s sleep and providing them with breakfast.

Have a great day everyone.