Educational book reviews


Educational Reviews and Activities.

Authors wishing to have their children’s book reviewed via Goodreads and abcJenny website please contact  (Remember to add the G after abcJenny when contacting by email, thanks.)
There is no cost, however a hard copy of the book will need to be provided.

Click on the following titles to read Educational Reviews and activities based on the Australian Curriculum.

Digby’s Moon Mission by Renee Price

Firefly and Little Star by Oba Williams

A Christmas Calamity! Astro’s Adventures.  by Susan Day

Two Kids by Richard Levine

Hold Tight by Luke Saliba

Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor. by Julie Grasso.

Swallow me NOW! by Melissa Gjisbers.

What happens next? By Tull Suwannakit

 Click on the following posts to read activities and books on the following issues:

Beat books with bullying.


Swallow me NOW! by Melissa Gjisbers

Darth by Julieann Wallace

Stop the Bully by Karen Tyrell.

 Helping Primary School children with depression.


Astro is Down in the Dumps by Susan Day.

 Stay tuned for more Educational Reviews by great authors. All activities created by Jenny Graham for use by authors, parents, teachers and of course children.










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