An Aussie Adventure – By Lisa Martello-Hart (Free PDF activities)


I really do love creating educational activities for children’s books.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Lisa Martello-Hart’s picture book An Aussie Adventure “Our Fishing and Camping Holiday” and even though I am officially taking a break from my abcJenny role I couldn’t help myself as the activities jumped into my head.

I was originally just going to read the book and write a review based on the educational benefits of the book. However, when I started reading I could envisage how children would become actively engaged in activities based on the book. Whether it was expanding their knowledge in an area or reinforcing skills they were mastering, this book gave plenty of opportunities to learn and have fun.

Over fifty activities later and I have turned just a simple educational review into a PDF full of ideas for teachers, parents/carers, librarians and home-schoolers. I have contacted Lisa Martello-Hart who was thrilled with the PDF and happy for me to share.

Enjoy the book, enjoy the activities, enjoy connecting with Harry and Georgie as they travel the wonderful land of Australia.

Click here for the PDF which includes over 50 activities related to the picture book Aussie Kid Adventures by Lisa Martello-Hart  – Aussie Kid Adventures 



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