Reading development

There are 7 skills  children need before they can begin ‘real’ reading. It is often called the pre-reading stage or sometimes it is bundled together to be named Concepts of Print.

1. Direction. Does your child know where to begin reading from and which direction to go?

activity direction
2. Concepts of Print. Can your child hold a book the correct way up? Do they know which page to turn next? Do they realise that pages are in sequence and they tell a story?

3. Letter/Sounds. Children do not need to know all 26 letters or the 44 sounds they make. Are they able to point to a letter rather than a shape or a squiggle?
4. Matching. Children learn to read by matching shapes, lines, patterns and letters. This helps children learn sight words by matching letter combinations to make words.

5. Rhyming. Lots of children’s books include rhyme as it is an important skill for children to learn, not only in reading but it is also important for spelling.
6. Writing letters. Giving children an opportunity to practise writing letters and reading letters this will help their understanding of text.

7. Language Experience. Speaking to children, reading to children all helps to develop the children’s love of language and exposes them to new words.

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