Spaghetti Spelling

Your washing is dry…..but still in the washing machine.

Your heading to school drop off, on time ……..but the petrol light starts to flash.

Your boss asks you to do extra work……. in the same amount of hours.

Your kids come home…..full of excess energy from being contained at school all day.

Hubby rings……he is delayed in traffic.

“Mum, what’s for tea, I’m starving?” one child says.

“Mum, I’ve got spelling homework,” another child says.

You need to think quick; spelling, tea, spaghetti, easy, kids love it, spaghetti, spelling!

Why not combine the two and do Spaghetti Spelling?

spaghetti 6

Boil up some water, put some spaghetti, linguine or fettuccini in, wait the allotted time, then you are ready to let the kids practise their spelling words.

Cooked spaghetti is perfect for children to practise letter formation, Golden Words and/or spelling words. Regardless of their age and their spelling list kids will love making words and letters.


If your child is learning their letter and sound connections, ask them to make the letter s which makes the sound /s/ for spaghetti out of spaghetti.

spaghetti 7

If your child is learning to read the Golden Words or read their name, write it on a piece of paper first for them to cover with cooked spaghetti.

spaghetti 8

If your child is practising to form letters, place a word near them to copy from.

spaghetti 9

If  you have an older child who doesn’t want to miss out on all the fun, they can make their spelling words also.

spaghetti 3

And of course, they will always try to eat some.

spaghetti 2

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spaghetti 1