Beach Writing

original beachWho needs pen and paper to learn to write their name, spell words, learn letter formations or complete scientific equations?

I don’t, all I need is the beach, with the waves as my eraser.


Kids love the beach, whether it is building sandcastles, chasing seagulls, covering themselves in sand, running in the waves, swimming, beach cricket or writing in the sand.

Yes, writing in the sand, kids will love, especially if you write near the shore line with the chance of a wave coming to wash away your writing and wet your feet before you finish your word. They can even leave the words their for the next child or swan to read.


Learning to spell words is about understanding and practise. Understanding that letters make sounds, some letter combinations make different sounds, and also practise.
Yes practise, and who needs a pencil, paper and eraser to practise spelling words when you can use your finger or stick the sand and the waves.

Your child can experiment with different writing tools found at the beach, cuttle fish, feathers, sticks, seaweed, shells, pebbles or their finger.

writing tommy

You can make a game of writing in the sand, by writing close to the waves and try to spell the whole word before the wave comes to wash it away.



Always bring a spare pair of clothes, because the waves will beat them at some point.

running from waves

You can also use shells, pebbles, feathers or seaweed to write words at the beach.

beach 2

beach 1

If you are creative your child could design photos with phrases, messages, birthday wishes to someone and then take a photo to attach to a card or make into a postcard.


It does not even need to be during day light hours.

10644866_10153157226648593_6536722327259159541_n (2)

And lastly, you can write on the beach for a photo to remember the date and place.


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