Concepts of Print – pre-reading skill

Concepts of Print – a pre-reading skill

 Concepts of print is all about knowing how to hold a book the right way, how to turn the pages correctly and being aware of the pictures and text in a book.

 Give a baby a book and what is the first thing they will do……..put it in their mouth. This is their way of exploring as their mouth is the most sensitive at this age.

At this age great books to give them have lots of different textures for them to explore.

 The next stage they will begin to discover the joy of what is beyond the front page of a book.  They will seek out a book to look at the pictures and often books which have moveable parts and/or different textures will hold their attention longer.

 You will be surprised how soon children develop the concepts of print skill. Correctly holding and turning the pages properly are often modelled through television programs, home environment and child care environment.  As we know children enjoy mimicking adults so give your child plenty of exposure to how books are read and they will quickly pick up the skill themselves without needing to be taught it.

 I always enjoy holding a book upside down or back to front and wait to let children correct me. It gives them confidence to think they know something about books even before they are able to read or retell stories.

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