Controlled Scribbling

controlled scribble pic

You may see a picture like this and see scribble. I see the exciting next stage of writing/drawing. Children who change colours and begin to draw lines and circles are aware of what they are drawing. They make a connection between the writing implement in their hand and the marks they are making on the page.
At this stage you will not see a distinction between drawing and writing both could have circles, lines and shapes in them.
Activities for your child at this stage.
Begin writing their name on top of the page. Remember to always write their name in lower case with the exception of the first letter which is always a capital. Make sure you make their name big enough for them to copy when they are ready.
Confidence building is important at this stage. Don’t ask your child ‘what is it?’ even though most of your child’s drawing/writing will look the same. Try to use questions which give your child the impression you can tell what they have drawn/written. “Tell me about your picture?” “This looks great, can you tell me what is happening?”
Give kids lots of opportunity to practise their writing/drawing. Let them use paint, chalk, finger paint, computer mouse, iPad, crayons, pencils or textas to create their confidence in their ability to draw/write.
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